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Are you tax season-ready?

Unravel the tax maze with ease – it's time to ask, are you tax season-ready?

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We guarantee your books are clean ed up and tax ready.

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Seize the day, conquer tax deadlines – timely solutions tailored for you.

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Experience comprehensive accounting solutions that fuel growth and foster scalability

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Cash Flow Management

Optimize your liquidity with our expert cash flow management, ensuring your business always has the necessary funds for operations and growth.

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forecasting & Budgeting

Stay ahead with accurate financial forecasting and budgeting, guiding your business towards sustainable success.

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Pricing & Profitability

Maximize your profits with our strategic pricing solutions, designed to optimize revenue without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

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Capital Raising

Raise funds effectively with our expert guidance, positioning your business for growth and expansion.

Trust Builds

Investor Relations

Maintain strong investor relationships and communicate your business value effectively with our expert investor relations services

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Performance Analysis & Reporting

Understand your business better with detailed performance analysis and reporting, turning financial data into actionable insights.

Strategic Financial Planning & Analysis

When you choose our Strategic Financial Planning & Analysis service, you gain access to expert financial guidance tailored to your business's unique needs. Our Fractional CFO works closely with you to develop a comprehensive financial strategy, providing you with valuable insights derived from financial metrics, growth opportunities, and industry trends.

This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions that optimize profitability, manage risk, and drive growth, positioning your business for long-term success.
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Cash Flow Management & Cost Control

Our Cash Flow Management & Cost Control service provides you with a clear picture of your business's financial health, helping you maintain liquidity and support ongoing operations. Our Fractional CFO identifies areas of unnecessary expenditure and recommends cost-saving measures, ensuring that your hard-earned revenue is being allocated efficiently.

By optimizing your cash flow and implementing strategic cost control, we enable your business to thrive in a competitive marketplace, maintain financial stability, and invest in new opportunities.
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Financial Reporting & Investor Relations

With our Financial Reporting & Investor Relations service, you receive accurate, detailed financial reports that offer invaluable insights into your business's financial performance. Our Fractional CFO communicates this information effectively to your investors and stakeholders, maintaining their confidence in your business and fostering strong relationships.

This transparent, professional communication helps to attract potential investment, enhance your company's reputation, and secure the financial resources needed to fuel your business's growth.
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Afrim provided us with exception service. Communication was perfect. All expectations were exceeded!
Charles Lindsey
Owner, Carrie Elle | eCommerce
Revenu is a pleasure to work with. It was previously a huge challenge trying to get our books & financial statements prepared ACCURATELY, but the team went above & beyond to ensure that our financials were done exactly the way we wanted it.
Acel Carlin
eCare Behavioral Health | Healthcare
Very responsive, deep industry knowledge as it relates to accounting. Truly could not have ran my business successfully without Afrim.
John Hunter
Real Estate
"Revenu Is Amazing To Work With And They Went Way Above And Beyond. They Were Always Available To Help With Any Question And Has A Lot Of Knowledge And Expertise. Highly Recommend."  
Justin Ma
Panhandle Penguin | eCommerce
"By All Means, QBO Experts. He Tackled Some Data Inconsistencies And Corruption Problems That Were Preventing Us From Migrating To A Cloud Solution. He Also Did This Over The Weekend To Not Interfere With Our Work. Knows Both The Technology And Accounting Side, Which Is Rare To Find. Definitely Recommend."
Roberto Herrera
Cell Line Genetics | Pharma
The Most Patient Financial Gurus I Have Ever Worked With. They Understand And Clearly Communicate Complex Financial Challenges And Solutions In A Practical And Digestible Way.
Matthew Newman
TheBrand Pillars | Staffing

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